We worked closely with Clarke Ledger, owner and operator of Atacama Surf Shop, to identify a unique location that offered great upside potential in an untapped downtown market. Clarke is a local North County coastal resident that is a family man, surfer, businessman and overall great person to be associated with. We truly appreciate our relationship that we have established together over the last several years and look forward to what the future holds for this growing company.


When you initially think of a local surf and beach community to place your new surf shop in, Little Italy does not come top of mind. It was both a challenge and real opportunity at the same time with no competition in the area. Little Italy was always on the radar for us in our search parameters but finding the right location is always the first temperature test. When we had an opportunity to secure the southeast corner of India and W. Ivy streets, just south of Ballast Point Brewery, we made our strategic move forward.

Finding the right location in Little Italy was this first step, but finding the right location that the property owner would take a chance on us as a new brand, business and no corporate financials at the time was a true feat. We were able to package Atacama Surf as a fresh new retail concept for the neighborhood that was not a restaurant, bar, tasting room, or coffee shop that have over saturated the trade area. We went right in and sold the concept to a large sophisticated landlord, H.G. Fenton Company. Clarke’s business continues to grow year over year and we are actively working with Clarke to expand into additional locations targeting North County Coastal.

"We are thrilled to be in Little Italy, San Diego, California. Thank you James Pieri, Jr. for finding us the right location and taking the time to give us your professional brokerage consulting throughout the process. It means a lot to have a solid broker on your team always fighting for your interests. Cheers!"

- Clarke Ledger | Owner





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